This Week:

Feb. 12-Feb. 18: Travel expert Pete Trabucco will detail airport safety tips for travelers. Dr. Gene Sambatero will discuss how to stop snoring. Attorney Lance LoRusso will comment on the aftermath of police shootings.

Feb. 5-Feb. 11: Songwriting Shane will discuss her experience with domestic violence. Laura Gomez will address the immigration debate. Tosha Smith-Mills will detail how people can break free from crime.

Jan. 29-Feb. 4: Fernando Gutierrez will discuss the need for more healthcare ethics. Dr. Minerva Neiditz will describe the historic vibe of Washington DC and Carrie Williams on personal goal-setting.



Upcoming Guests:.

Feb. 19-Feb. 25: Naturallist Jim Lavalle will disclose five fitness fables. Cato Institute’s Chris Edwards will discuss the effects of government shutdowns. Financial expert Brian Nelson-Ford will talk about how couples can handle finances better. 

Feb. 26-Mar. 4 David Willson will discuss the growing problem of school shootings. Sarah Guzman will talk about Operation Smile and Joe Worley on service dogs for vets. 

Mar. 5-Mar. 11: Famed researcher and commentator Max Boot will discuss his new book on the lessons of Vietnam. Nicholas Tampio will talk about the future of common core. Mitch Margo will comment on racism in America. 






















































































































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