This Week:

May 22-May 28: Denise Lorenz will detail how parents can “unplug” their kids from social media. Drew Knowles will talk about the importance of Route 66 in the growth of America. Dr. Kathi Fry will give tips on how to stay healthy on vacation.


Upcoming Guests:

May 29-June 4: Joel Solomon will discuss the business movement toward sustainability. Christopher Macklin will detail how to fight negativity in society. Kevin Surace will talk about a new prescription service for sheets and towels.

June 5-June 11: Can algorithms determine who might be a criminal? John Cheney-Lippold answers the question. Tamra Johnson will comment on the growing number of distracted drivers and Michael Eastham on credit card debt.

June 12-June 18: Danielle Di Martino will discuss the pros and cons of the federal reserve. Emily Keeme will talk about the problems of mandatory jail for domestic violence offenders. Rachel Begun will give tips on how to have a gluten-free lifestyle.


May 15-May 21:

Dr. Sharad Paul

Lisa Robinson

Jodi Aman

May 8-May 14:

Douglas Taylor

Jan Edwards

May 1-May 7:

Dr. Yvette Bearce

Marissa Landrigan

Nick Sconce




















































































































































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