This Week:

Sept. 18-Sept. 24:Researcher Jim Stuber will discuss efforts to reform NAFTA. Nidhi Verma will detail warnings signs for millennials and credit. Angela Ballard will comment on how to reduce excessive sweating.

Sept.11-Sept. 17: Political Analyst Dick Morris will comment on national issues. Ken Krieg will discuss how to deal with over-indulgent children. Patrick Renn will detail legacy giving.

Sept. 4-Sept. 10: Dr. Stephen Faraone will discuss adult ADHD. Dr. Kathy Hirsh-Pasek will detail raising kids with a scientific approach. Emil DeAndreis will talk about his book “Hard to Grip.”




Upcoming Guests:

Sept. 25-Oct. 1: Los Angeles Asst. Deputy Attorney Eric Siddall will discuss bail reform. Karen Howard will talk about the need for more research on alternative products. Brad and Greta Zude will give tips on getting baby to sleep.

Oct. 2-Oct. 8- Actress Alicia Silverstone will discuss how to have a more healthy lifestyle. Robyn DeLuca will talk about the wage gap and Marian Pare on mouth ad foot artists.

Oct. 9-Oct. 15: Dr. Jeffrey Rubin will discuss why some kids are overindulging in sports. Lorris Walker will detail the dangers of certain car seats. Daphna Nissenbaum will talk about new flexible recyclable plastics.