This Week:


Nov. 20-Nov. 26: Researcher David Horowitz will discuss why he feels the college culture has become more liberal. Dr. Dudley Danoff will detail new treatments for prostate cancer. Dr. Francisco Ricardo will describe the changing media/culture landscape.

Nov. 13-Nov. 19: Ben Stein will discuss his new book on the positives of capitalism.  Political activist Pamela Geller will talk about her book “Fatwa:Hunted in America.” Dr. Eric Cole will give cyber-security tips.

Nov. 6-Nov. 12: Investigative reporter Marvin Scott will talk about his book “As I Saw It.” Dr. Ken Redcross will detail the growing concierge medicine movement.  Joe Robinson will give tips on how to improve business travel.



Upcoming Guests:

Nov.27-Dec. 3  Ken Dolan-Vecchio will discuss sexual harassment in the workplace. Renee King-Sonnen will talk about her work in rescuing animals from slaughterhouses. Dr Ann Kaiser Stearns will detail how to be a better caregiver.

Dec 4-Dec. 10: Hamilton Star Miguel Cervantes will discuss the anguish of Epilepsy.Diana Thompson will talk about false paternity claims and how they affect divorce. Jeff Small will comment on how to pick the right personal investments.

Dec. 11-Dec. 17:Olympians Ted LIgety and Alaina Nichols will discuss the upcoming winter games in South Korea. Laura Ornelas will detail the work of the Food Empowement Project. Karen Nicksich will talk about the work of trained dogs to fight PTSD.