This Week:

Apr 24-Apr 30: Noted health expert Dr. Jane Orient will discuss the future of national healthcare. Mark Claypool will detail the new agenda of special education. Carole Weston will detail contemporary teen issues. (#17-18-LISTEN/DOWNLOAD)

Upcoming Guests:

May 1-May 7: Dr. Yvette Bearce will discuss the future of U.S./Iranian relations. Marissa Landrigan will discuss her book “The Vegan’s Guide to Eating Meat.” Nick Sconce will comment on healthcare costs.

May 8-May 14: Douglas Taylor will talk about the growing problem of earthquake damage to buildings. Jillian Melchor will comment on Trump administration chnanges to EPA rules. Jan Edwards will detail the growing problem of sex trafficking.


Apr/ 17-Apr. 23:

Daniel Greenfield

Rev. Jesse Peterson

Ret. Lt. Col. Denny Gillem

Apr. 10-Apr 16:

Gregg Roman

Kathy Fettke

Apr. 3-Apr.9:

Dr. Michael Branningan

Chery Fields
















































































































































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