Cozy Italian Dining on Water St-Emery’s in Henderson

There is a cozy dining spot in downtown Henderson that offers delicious Italian food at great prices..Emery’s La Barrista. As you enter, the homey atmosphere makes you feel welcome as the friendly staff takes drink orders and delivers the menu. Great options include eggplant parmesan that is some of the lightest you will find. The eggplant is sliced very thin and the ricotta cheese filling combines nicely with a tangy marinara sauce. Other entrees to try include a version with bacon and onions. The pasta is cooked slightly al dente, not too firm, not too soft. Desserts are also noteworthy including a chocolate creme brulee and many others. Open for dinner only, Emery’s is located at 306 S. Water St., Henderson. (702) 558-5488